1.1 Ihglukovitum is a complex drug which includes ihtiol, glucose, ascorbic acid and water.

1.2 The drug is a homogeneous oily liquid with dark brown color and specific odor of ihtiol, generating foam after shaking. Presence of plaque on the vials walls and splitting after shaking is acceptable.

1.3 Ihglukovitum is pre-packaged in glass vials by 50.0, 100.0, 200.0, 400.0 and 450.0 ml.

1.4 The drug should be stored in dry place, protected from direct sunlight within the temperatures range +5°C to +25°C. Shelf life is 1 year from date of manufacture under specified storage conditions.

2.1 Ihglukovitum has antiseptic, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and haemostatic effects; it stimulates uterine involution after delivery, facilitates regeneration of damaged tissues of uterus and breast.

2.2 Ihtiol is not compatible with iodide salts in solutions, alkaloids and salts of heavy metals.


3.1 Ihglukovit is administered for subinvolution of uterus, for prevention and treatment of postpartum endometritis, mastitis in cows, thelaziosis, inflammation and disorders of gastrointestinal tract in young farm animals.

3.1.1 Ihglukovit is administered for prevention of postnatal subinvolution of uterus, endometritis and mastitis based on 10 ml per 100 kg body weight twice a day in fresh calved cows intramuscularly or injected into intertissue space of the pelvic cavity within first two days after calving. The drug may be used repeatedly after 48 hours at the same dose.

3.2 For treatment of endometritis, vulvitis and mastitis in cows Ihglukovit is injected intramuscularly or into intertissue space of the pelvic cavity based on 10 ml per 100 kg body weight every 48 hours until recovery. In severe diseases it is recommended to combine use of the drug with antibiotics and other medications.

3.3 Before drug injection into intertissue space anterior-upper corner of rectal fossa is cleaned on the right or left side of anus (alternately) by conventional methods. By momentary pushing with hand the needle is inserted into intertissue space of the pelvic cavity at 30-45°C to the fossa surface to a depth 3-5 cm towards xiphoid appendix of the breast bone. Drug administration by syringe with inside plunger shall take 30-40 seconds and 1-1.5 minutes by gravity. If drug solution is injected by gravity, the needle should be inserted to 1-3 cm.

3.4 For treatment of calves with gastrointestinal disorders Ihglukovit is administered orally based on 1.5 (0.5) ml per 1 kg body weight, 2-3 times a day within 3-4 consecutive days or intravenously – based on 0, 1 ml per 1 kg body weight once a day 2-3 consecutive days.

3.5 For treatment of cattle and horses affected by thelaziosis the drug is administered by 5-10 ml with a syringe into third eyelid and conjunctival sac with a slight inclination of the animal’s head to one side and down. Treatment course is 2-3-time administration with 2-3 days interval.

3.6 During mastitis content of the affected udder should be eased, boiled and disposed. Milk from unaffected parts of the udder in cows treated by the drug shall be used without restrictions.

3.7 Side effects and complications after administration of Ihglukovit are not reported. 3.8. Livestock products can be used without any restrictions.


4.1. In case of inconsistency of the drug with requirements of this Instruction, its use should be discontinued and reported to the Uzbek State Scientific and Veterinary Drugs Control Laboratory at: 700178, Tashkent, No.1a, A.Yunusov Street. Tel. / Fax: 228-76-14, 229-30 - 47. E-mail: uzgnkl@rambler.ru. Simultaneously unpacked drug package should be sent to the laboratory address with the drug in quantity previously agreed with laboratory including detailed description of the nature of complaints regarding its inconsistency with these Instructions.