Ihlukovit is a complex drug which includes Ichthyol, glucose, ascorbic acid and water.
Ihlukovit is administered for subinvolution of uterus, for prevention and treatment of postpartum
endometritis, mastitis in cows, thelaziosis, inflammation and disorders of gastrointestinal tract in young farm animals.
Solution for injections contains 0.2 g coffein-benzoate-sodium.
The drug is administered for excitation of central nervous system in various diseases of animals,
accompanied by its oppression, loss of strength, muscle weakness, intoxication by poisons depressing nervous system (narcotics, sleeping pills).
The drug is prescribed against shock state, weakness of cardiovascular system, decreased excitability and conductivity in the heart; chronic myocarditis, muscular dystrophy, chronic myodegeneration; as a vasorelaxant – against vascular spasms in brain, kidneys and heart; for excitement of respiratory center and breathing improvement, during newborn asphyxia; milk fever; spastic muscle condition of the gastrointestinal tract.
Ringer-Locke’s solution is administered in animals used for treatment of dyspepsia and other diseases involving dehydration and intoxication of organism, during blood loss, for washing wounds and eyes. It is also used for dissolution of various drugs.
CONTENTS. Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and glucose as active substances and water for injection.
Solution for injections contains active ingredient is procaine - betta-diethylaminoethyl ester p-aminobenzoic acid hydrochloride.
Oxytocin (synthetic analogue of polypeptide hormone of the posterior pituitary) is an active component of the drug.
Oksitotsin solution is used in female farm and domestic animals for treatment of weak expulsive pains during delivery, retention of placenta, uterine bleeding, atony, hypotonia and inflammation of uterus, mastitis and reflectory agalactia.
Ketoprofen as an ingredient of the drug is effective for treatment of acute, subacute and chronic inflammations accompanied by pain symptoms.
The drug is administered as follows:
- as symptomatic treatment in complex therapy against inflammatory responses in acute and chronic diseases of locomotor system (arthritis, tendovaginitis, injuries, herniated discs, infections of hooves);
- as pain relief of any origin (perioperative and postoperative therapy, colic);
- as an aid in treatment of the respiratory tract diseases, MMA syndrome, acute and chronic forms of mastitis;
- as antipyretic agent in cases involving hyperthermia and depression.
Ketoprofol 1% is recommended for dogs and cats.
Ketoprofol 10% is recommended for use in cattle, horses and pigs.
Solution for injections for heat synchronization, infertility treatment and gynecological disorders in breeding stock of farm animals
Kloprostin is administered intramuscularly for estrus synchronization in cows and heifers; for treatment of cows with lutein and follicular cysts, corpus lutem persistens, uterus subinvolution and endometritis; for treatment and prevention of functional disorders of the pigs ovaries, inducing and synchronizing farrowing; non-disclosure of uterine cervix in sheep; abortion in animals (by prescription).
1 ml contains: Cloprostenol 0,25 mg
The drug is administered for early induction of sexual cycle.
There are two methods to induce sexual cycle. In the first method the drug is recommended to use in cows after calving without complications in the postpartum period. The second method is recommended to use in cows with endometritis and delayed uterine involution.
1 ml contains: Surfagon 10 mg