1.1 Calcium borogluconate (Calciiborogluconas).

1.2 Calcium borogluconate is a sterile aqueous solution containing calcium gluconate and auxiliary components. Each ml of the drug contains 200 mg of calcium gluconate.

1.3 The drug is a sterile clear, colorless or pale yellow solution without mechanical impurities.

1.4 The drug is available in glass vials by 20, 50, 100, 200, 250, 400 and 500 ml. 

1.5 This drug should be stored in cool and dark place, away from children within the temperature range +5°C to +25°C. Shelf life 2 years from date of manufacture if stored under specified storage conditions.


2.1 Calcium borogluconate due to its pharmacological action in animals is similar to calcium chloride. It has desensitizing, anti-toxic and anti-inflammatory effect; it increases the level of ionized calcium in blood, stimulates metabolism and enhances contraction of the heart muscle.


3.1 The drug is used for therapeutic and preventive purposes against following diseases in animals:

a) milk fever,  spasmophilia, eclampsia, shock, transport disease, rachitis, tetany, osteomalacia;
b) retention of placenta, antenatal and postnatal staying;
c) allergic diseases (urticaria fever, serum sickness);
d) poisoning from magnesium salts, toxic liver damage.

3.2 Calcium borogluconate heated to temperature +35-37°C is administered intravenously in animals (the drug is injected slowly within 2-3 minutes), intramuscularly or subcutaneously based on 0.5 ml per 1 kg of animal weight. For intramuscular and subcutaneous injections the drug dose is administered fractionally at different sites. The drug is administered by single-shot and if required - again in the same dose 24 hours later.
Maximum single dose:
- Cattle                                               250-300 ml
- Horses                                              150-250 ml
- Sheep and goats                                50-100 ml
- Pigs                                                  30-100 ml
- Dogs                                                 5-25 ml


4.1 During subcutaneous drug injection possible pulmonary edema may be occurred, which disappear after 1-2 hours. After rapid intravenous drug administration ventricular fibrillation of the heart may be observed. In very rare cases there may be vomiting, diarrhea, slow pulse that shall quickly and independently disappear.


5.1 This drug is not recommended at hypercalcemia


6.1 There are no restrictions for slaughter of animals and use of animal products for food purposes.


7.1 In case of complications after drug administration its use should be discontinued and reported to the Uzbek State Scientific and Veterinary Drugs Control Laboratory at: 700178, Tashkent, No.1a, A.Yunusov str.,Tel/Fax: 228-76-14, 229-30-47. E-mal: uzgnkl@rambler.ru. Simultaneously unpacked drug package should be sent to the laboratory address with the drug in quantity previously agreed with laboratory including detailed description of the nature of complaints regarding its inconsistency with these Instructions.