1.1 Hellebore tincture (Tincture veratrum) is extraction of primary agents of the hellebore roots by ethanol. The main active ingredient is protoveratrine alkaloid.  

1.2 The drug is a homogeneous transparent liquid with reddish-brown color and specific odor.        

1.3 The hellebore tincture is pre-packed in orange glass bottles or plastic bottles by 100, 200, 250, 500 and 1000 ml. Another packing shall be allowed if agreed in prescribed manner and providing safety and quality of the drug.        

1.4 This drug should be stored with caution (see list B) in dry place, protected from direct sunlight, away from children with the temperature not higher than +30°C.      
Shelf life is 3 years from date of manufacture under specified storage conditions.


2.1 Hellebore Tincture reflexively enhances motility and secretion of the ruminant’s stomach.        

2.2 After oral administration the hellebore tincture irritates mucous membranes and increases reflexively motility and secretion of stomach in ruminants, and it causes vomiting in pigs and dogs.        

2.3 After intravenous infusions of the hellebore tincture in ruminants contractile function of the fore-stomach shall be restored and enhanced in 5-10 minutes and eructation and chewing shall appear.


3.1 Hellebore tincture is administered orally in ruminant animals to restore chewing during chronic atony of fore-stomach, for treatment of fog sickness; as emetic aid in pigs and dogs in the following doses:

- in cattle                         2-2.5 ml per 100 kg body weight;
- in sheep and goats         0.7-0.8 ml per 10 kg body weight;
- in pigs                           1-2 ml per animal (one-time);
- in dogs                          0.5-2 ml per animal (one-time).

The dose volume depends on the animal weight and severity of disease.

3.2. Intravenous infusion of the hellebore tincture is administered in cattle against occlusion of esophagus, atonia and hypotonia of fore-stomach, muscle paresis, chronic scar bloating. An intravenous dose is 2-3 ml per animal one time.

3.3 Specific instructions. Intravenous injections of the drug should be done very carefully because an animal may become very excited, and this may be accompanied by abortion and even death.

3.4 Contraindications: hypersensitivity of animal to the drug.

3.5 Hellebore tincture does not cause any side effects if these instructions for use and dosages are observed. Strong poisoning with hellebore shall appear in case of overdose. In such cases 1% solution of atropine sulfate shall be administered subcutaneously in the recommended doses. 3.6 Meat and milk obtained from animals treated by hellebore tincture shall be used without restrictions.


4.1 In case of inconsistency of the drug with requirements of this Instruction, its use should be discontinued and reported to the Uzbek State Scientific and Veterinary Drugs Control Laboratory at: 700178, Tashkent, No.1a, A.Yunusov Street. Tel. / Fax: 228-76-14, 229-30 - 47. E-mail: uzgnkl@rambler.ru. Simultaneously unpacked drug package should be sent to the laboratory address with the drug in quantity previously agreed with laboratory including detailed description of the nature of complaints regarding its inconsistency with this Instruction.