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Powders and Granulates

Powder for treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases in farm animals
Alklozan 10% contains Albendazole 5% and Closantel 5%
Alklozan 20% contains Albendazole 10% and Closantel 10%
Granulated powder for dehelminthization of animals contains albendasole.
Metsalben 10% contains Albendazole 10%
Metsalben 20% contains Albendazole 20% 
Anthelmintic drug, containing tetramisole hydrochloride 20% as an active ingredient and inactive fillers (lactose, feeding chalk, precipitated chalk or other inert ingredients).
Metstramizol 20% granulate is administered in cattle, sheep and goats, pigs, horses, dogs and fur animals for treatment of gastro-intestinal and pulmonary nematodes (gastrointestinal strongyloidiasis, ascaridosis, trichocephaliasis, esophagostomiasis, strongyloidosis oxyuriasis, parascaridosis, toxascaridosis, uncinariasis, etc.).
The drug is administered for deworming of cattle, sheep and goats, pigs, horses, dogs and cats against nematodes (gastrointestinal strongyloidiasis, ascaridosis, trichocephaliasis, esophagostomiasis, strongyloidosis toxascaridosis, toxocariasis, uncinariasis) trematode infections (fascioliasis, paramphistomatosis) cestodiasis (monieziasis, teniasis).
Contains 22.2% fenbendazole